John Haskell

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  A wonderfully intelligent, audacious, and perverse collection of... what, exactly? Fiction? Gossip? Film Studies? Iconography? Liberty taking? Here's a book that defies the usual categories. But one thing's sure, I savored every mythic, mesmerizing word of it.

Jim Crace

  John Haskell turns works of art into stories and stories into a weird blend of magically unrealist commentary. His investigations into the dreamlife of movies and the way they have insinuated themselves into our unconscious are, in turn, works of art.

Geoff Dyer

  In these unique meditations on what it is to be human, John Haskell inhabits the famous and infamous, crawling inside outsiders ranging from Jackson Pollock, to Hitchcock characters, and on to Capucine, Glenn Gould, and more. Haskell makes the familiar his own, playing with language and history, turning time inside out, and delivering our culture back to us, made entirely new.

A.M. Homes

  ... no better than any man, and no worse than any man.

J.L. Godard

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