If you love someone, you don't do that to them. Even if you hate them.
- Psycho

Janet Leigh has sex with Sam so everything ought to be glowing, but it isn't. Janet is in love with Sam, but Sam keeps talking about his problem. He says he has a money problem, and if she wants to get married she should find someone else. But Janet Leigh doesn't want someone else. So when an opportunity presents itself, she steals a lot money, buys a car, and as she drives to where Sam lives it starts raining. Her wipers don't work and the rain makes it hard to see and she suddenly finds herself on a deserted road. She pulls off the road into a quiet motel, the Bates Motel, where Anthony Perkins plays the innkeeper. He's long-necked, broad-shouldered, and he seems quite nice. He gives her the key to room number one and while he's showing her the room they make a little date, for supper.

(Notice not only the reflection of Tony in the window, but also his shadow.)

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